Learning the Bass Clef and Labelling!

In all my years of learning classical and jazz trumpet, I never was taught bass clef long enough to remember it. I found a simple image off of Google and realized that with enough repetition I will remember which are which because G always starts on the first line. (In treble clef, E starts on the first line.)


I will also upload a photo after I have finished labelling the keys on my organ.


Edit: Here is my label job. Blue is left hand, Green is right hand, Orange is Middle C! I even labelled the bass pedals.

For my first piece I will “cheat” and label each note with a letter, too, so it is easier to connect the notes and refresh my memory (and straight up learn, in the case of the bass clef notes).

In a Gadda da Vida Sheet Music

In a Gadda Da Vida – Simpsons Version (Originally by Iron Butterfly)

I am teaching myself this song, which I grabbed quickly off of the internet. I am not paying to play all of it – the beginning riff is complex enough for me right now!


Rock’n’Roll Organ Exploration – Reading Music and Intro to Noteflight

So, I have progressed a bit on my rock organ idea. I found this site, which proposes to teach how to read music in 15 minutes. I already can read sheet music – I just didn’t know where each note corresponded with each key on the keyboard. So this will be very quick learning for me, as I already know about flats, sharps, the fact that E-flat is the same as D-sharp and so on.

I also found a tip on this site, where it was stressed to use a metronome while you play. Since my organ comes with a built in rhythm section, I will make sure I turn it on, so I develop a kind of internal clock. This would be most useful if I were playing band and needed to set the pace for everyone else, but it is still a good habit to get into (just in case!)

Website for Learning Rock Keyboard

Also, here is Noteflight. I would highly reccommend this as a resource to any educator wanting to get kids inspired to make their own masterpieces and self-teach (or follow tutorials) to learn to read and transpose music. You can drag and drop notes to learn rhythms, pitches, and make melodies – you can hear them as you make them!

Noteflight – Online Notation Technology

I made a piece of music back in Grade 11 that I would like to share with everyone. I made it with different instruments, and have never actually PLAYED it, so part of my goal (whether or not I choose this for my project) is to play this on the organ.

Please Listen! ♥ “Cold Comfort” – I created this piece in high school – no inspiration that I can think of. It just came to me. I think it is important to connect students’ interests or past achievements to their current challenges – so why not try it myself? It will give me extra motivation to want to learn this skill.

Rock’N’Roll Organ Exploration

I have a serious interest in learning rock’n’roll organ because a) learning piano will help build on the musical skills I already have from the trumpet b) piano is a handy instrument to know if I am teaching elementary (in case I need to teach music) and c) I love rock’n’roll organ music! Also – it helps that I have an organ that somehow made it into my room and hasn’t left.

I have next to no experience with piano. What I did learn, I taught myself through reading module books or transposing music by ear (listening to the pitch of each key!) I hope that, by the end of this semester, patience will pay off and I will be able to:

  • play at least two rock’n’roll songs at full tempo, with both hands and foot pedal
  • play a piece of music I already created on Noteflight (to do this I need to transpose that piece into the piano’s key, and I will have to already know how to read the notes and match them to the keys)
  • and, if there is time, I want to create a new piece and publish it in Noteflight – with my knowledge I have gained from reading music and playing organ

Because I am still not 100% decided on photography or organ (I thought I was – but I am indecisive!) I have already begun collecting and reviewing resources. Tonight, I learned how to properly “rake” so that it doesn’t sound corny. I also watched a few more videos from this guy to see what organ-playing entails.

How to Rake!

I love this song below, but haven’t decided if I want to learn it, yet. I think the main thing is to start with small songs, getting used to playing two handed, and then work up to a rock’n’roll song.

A Whiter Shade of Pale

Some other songs I love and am considering:

96 Tears
House of the Rising Sun
Light My Fire
In a Gadda da Vida