Group of concerned citizens reading outside of Brad Wall’s Swift Current MLA office for the DEAR Sask rally on April 7, 2017. Approximately 7,000 participated province-wide. Photo credits to Jill Erickson-Siever.

This Facebook post sums up the AGM (Annual General Meeting) of the Chinook Regional Library today:

“If they do nothing and/or have no rate increases from RMs and towns they will cease all operations by June 30. [This includes the Swift Current branch.]

Even with changes and rate increase they state they may need to close all libraries but 9 plus Swift Current. This is disastrous. They also stressed that the potential is there that Saskatchewan could lose all of its libraries entirely.”

Brad Wall and Don Morgan need to work towards restoring the budget AND RMs need to do what they can, in order to save the library system that is so admired by other provinces. To go from a thriving to a barely surviving community treasure is heartbreaking, and I cannot believe how little public outcry is happening despite the DEAR Sask rally being all over SK and Canadian media.

Check out this site for more information.

You have several choices on how you can help:

  1. Sign a petition. Your local library may have one. If not, print one out, sign it (and get your friends to as well) and mail it or hand-deliver to Merrilee Rasmussen. If 15% of Saskatchewan voters sign, a referendum and basically an election will be held to restore funding to libraries. Make sure you are a registered voter before signing.
  2. Contact your MLA, voice your concerns, and ask them to reconsider the budget. In Swift Current the person to contact is Brad Wall at or All MLA contact information throughout the province can be found by looking through these PDFs. One written and mailed letter counts as 100 public voices, 1 e-mail counts as 10 voices, and 1 phone-call counts as 5 voices.
  3. Join the rally that will be held Saturday April 29, 2017 in front of Brad Wall’s SC office. I will be helping to plan it, acting as a concerned citizen who wants to keep public library doors open. If you have any questions, or are passionate about helping, do not hesitate to comment below.
  4. Share this blog post and any news on libraries. Tweet it, Facebook it, like it and comment on WordPress. Get your friends involved. We can do this!

Facebook groups to join to stay informed:

Save Saskatchewan Libraries

Chinook Regional Library

SC Branch Library

If you do nothing, especially after now being informed, you are helping to CLOSE libraries down.


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