Summary of Learning – The Ultimate TL;DR Guide to My Semester

Ways to interact with my final project:

  1. You can watch the videos on this screen, but right click each “Letter Link” on the Image Map and select “Open in New Tab” so the video will keep playing as you look at each letter. If you open any link on the Alphabet Image Map, it takes you to the Powerpoint so you can just scroll through the letters on there!
  2. You can ignore the video altogether and explore the Image Map at your own pace
  3. You can ignore the Image Map and only watch the video for a snapshot of my learning!

Masterpiece in the making. Click on each square to explore what I have done so far – it is interactive and uploaded in such a way that the progress will be tracked (I do not have to keep re-uploading my progress on WordPress because I have linked each slide and it uploaods automatically)!

If you cannot access the image map (I tried from my phone and it does not work) click here to see the Powerpoint by itself.

Although I love coding from scratch, for time’s sake I used to help me create my image map. I still did a bit of coding when I ran into a problem (image was not showing up) and, instead of jumping ship and starting the project in another way, I stuck with it and trusty Youtube saved the day. (You can read more about that here.) Let me know what you think of it so far in comments below. I am so happy I pushed myself to be creative. Usually I favor substance over style and opt for the essay if any assignment choice is given, but I wanted to do it differently this time around. Using educational technology (Google Drive, Google Slides,, and Adobe Photoshop), the “style” part of this project was easy and relatively fast to make. Imagine how long it would have taken to develop all of my photos, do an alphabet on each piece of paper, etc. back in the 1970s. Imagine how, back in 1999, I could not have linked my Powerpoint slides directly to my image map for easy access and sharing! There is no excuse not to add a bit of life into the projects you make – and, most important of all, have it help you tell the story. In this case, I used ABC photos because it pertains to my Learning Project. I used Google Slides and to do a fancy presentation to show how versatile it can be as an edtech resource for the classroom. Everything I have needed to upload from my phone or computer, I have done through Google Drive. There was a purpose to my style, as much as my substance.

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3 thoughts on “Summary of Learning – The Ultimate TL;DR Guide to My Semester

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  2. Wow Taylor, you did a great job this semester! I’m loving how you are gonna talk about each letter a little bit (I tried it already and it seems like its still in progress, but I’ll have to check later to look at it!).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much Keanna! And thanks for confirming that the image map does work for you. Just in case it doesn’t work for all (I am thinking those who are surfing the net on their mobile devices) I will also upload a direct link to the Powerpoint. 🙂


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