Returning to the Tracks – “Natural Beauty” of the LG G4

Disclaimer: These photographs are uploaded to Flickr with ZERO editing in terms of lighting, cropping… the whole deal! The only time one is edited is for a cropping that I specifically draw attention to.

I played chicken with the train again. I was out and about and decided to stop a little bit earlier than sunset time, when the sun was still up. Dusk.

I found a great example to model the advice Corla gave me, way back when, and reiterated when I watched a Youtube video on taking landscape photos.

I try really hard to have a pattern in the photo that the viewer follows. If you look at this photo, I was too focused on rule of thirds (not having the silhouettes in the middle) that I forgot about leading lines. Look at the entire left side of the photo – there is nothing of interest for the eye to wander. It is dead space. There is no path leading fully across the photo. The railroad tracks would have been perfect to line up from one corner of the photo to the other.

Train at sundown 7 pm

Now, look at this photo. I switched perspective (crossed the tracks) and took another shot. This time I had the railroad giving wonderful leading lines. If we read left to right we see the tracks get smaller as you get farther away, and then you see a train as the main focal point, framed by the two crossing posts. The only thing I did not like is the top right corner, where there is another post in the way.

Train at sundown 7 pm

A simple crop… and here we are!

Train sundown APR 9

Of course it is always nice getting that shot that needs zero cropping. Look below. The leading line is the silhouette, a mix of trees, the grain elevator, and the train. There are some vertical lines that draw attention too, but everything is symmetrical and there is no real dead space (the sun flare reaches to the top of the photo – it is beautiful, I think!) I casually snapped it as I was walking across the tracks. The train was stopped, folks, don’t worry!

Train at sundown 7 pm

Check out all of the train photos here.



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