Flipgrid “Fever” with Robbi!

Over the weekend I decided to Search up Flipgrid because I kept hearing about it in ECMP355 but really had no idea what this “flipping” was all about. I found an infographic that summarized it perfectly and Tweeted it in hopes of helping others who were lost like me. Robbi then told me she had used it, and I wanted to help myself and others by getting her to say HOW she used it. She explained she used friends as mock-students, and so I retweeted this with the further idea that it would not have to be face-to-face friends but could be people in our PLN (online educator friends). She then went one step further in helping ME learn by suggesting we actually do it. Too cool! So she chose a topic that relates to education and asked me to answer. We have the link to the lesson on Twitter so others can see how it is set up as well – and no accounts are needed to answer the questions!

I found it extremely difficult to answer in 1 min 30 seconds. So I answered in 3 min (two videos haha!) Like Twitter, this is a GREAT way to focus students on summarizing accurately and getting to the heart of the matter. Short and sweet.

Here are our Twitter convos, which Flipgrid graciously liked and retweeted! (Just click on the live feed to see all of the replies.) I got a bunch of likes. Woohoo!

Here are my video responses (I answered my own initial question in the first video – there is a share button as soon as you finish publishing your video):




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