Video did NOT kill the radio star!… Podcast Exploration!!

After Googling podcasts out of sheer curiosity this morning I found an advertisement to “Castbox.” When I downloaded the app I was suggested to try another as well… “Podcast”. So I explored the two apps, Podcast and Castbox, and decided I like Podcast more. I found Castbox had outdated pods, not as many teaching pods, and it did not even download my first cast properly. Since Podcast was rolling along fine I decided it was the winner.

What I Like About Podcast:

For my own personal learning I know I will love podcasts because I tend to shut myself off from the world and read and write. Not only is written text kind of impersonal, I also cannot multitask while writing or reading. When I listen to podcasts I already feel that (ironically through technology which has such a bad rap for being isolating) I am hearing real people with unique experiences and personalities WHILE I am going about my morning. I listen to music 24/7 while I get ready, while I am in the car, etc… All times when I could be learning through voice! I thought it was so sad that radio talkshows were becoming a lost art… It turns out, video did NOT kill the radio star. If you are unsure of the reference watch this. It is a music video of probably the biggest edtech revelation of the 1980s… The switch from audio news to video.

I also find I learn better when I speak. I think may be easier for me to talk about something I heard than something I read.

As far as the app itself goes…

I like how it is as simple as typing in an interest and seeing so many podcasts pop up! I was going to type education but realized that may give channels on learning about anything… I want to learn how to be a better teacher. So, you just star them and…

… They go right into your favourites category! Then…

You choose a cast you want to hear. If you so choose you can also click on the plus button and it will download a pod offline so you can listen on the go without data!

I found it very handy there was a selection to only download in Wifi to avoid using data accidentally. Talk about lessons in digital literacy and citizenship… Good job Podcast!

What Could Be Better:

From the app I have yet to figure out how I can share the pod on any social networking sites. I need to manually type who and where I got each pod from if I want to share my reflections publically.

HOWEVER. I want to work in getting used to hearing my voice. So inatead of doing my online writing notes I may do a short recording with my phone after a podcast to summarize what I learned and then share that audio (along with naming the podcast I listened to) on Google Drive and WordPress.

I also wish I could organize my pod channels by categories as I know I will listen to more than educational casts. But oh well.


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