Adventures in Hemming

I used the well-known but nevertheless AWESOME edtech resource Youtube to re-teach myself how to do a backstitch sewing pattern, to hem (shorten) my pants. With the woman showing me a backstitch on video and verbally giving reminders and directions, I was refreshes on how to backstitch. I first learned from this same video, a few months back, when I bought jeans that were wonderful but too long. I was so proud of myself for going online and being resourceful and essentially saving money (not paying a seamstress $20 to do the same thing!) I had forgotten how to backstitch but just recently bought some elbow pad and decided I would look through my Google internet history (a main reason I do not use incognito – I like to leave a trail because I often forget how to go back to something) and lo and behold I found the original source, here.

Here is the website that explains hemming in depth and has a link to the backstitching video.

Here is my original creation (hemmed jeans – woo woo!)


Left: Ugly (but strong) underside and Right: Nice-looking stitch across the front


Final product: I tucked the light blue material up into the pant sleeve, ironed the hem down, and voila! I found that I shortened so much material that I actually need to reinforce the extra material to the pants – or else it just falls back out the bottom when I am walking. The hem is overlapped a bit, creating a fanned-out look, but I am happy with it.

Here is a video I uploaded with some rambling on my elbow pad project.

Before photo:

After photo:


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