Some Positive Reflections on Flickr…

Although I only have a handful of followers on my Flickr, I am enjoying it as a website. It is a place that:

a) I can upload my photos so they can be accessed online anytime, anyplace (for use in WordPress for example – since I am already at 10% capacity for uploaded media!) and they are 100% protected (not “owned” like if I had uploaded them on Instagram)

b) I can have all of those photos critiqued but mainly applauded by online users (I have never seen any critical reviews, only “Nice shot!” comments), therefore building up a network of people who share similar interests to me… I have been invited to add my photo to groups and have made a friend who gave me lots of pointers on taking photos…

c) I realized, tonight, that Flickr could also be used for educational purposes. All it would take is me finding a collection of photos (for example different photos of different landscapes, for learning about ecosystems in science – here are photos of forests and deserts) and then sharing them with students. If we were going to alter them for a class project, I may ask the photographer (which I can do with the ease of an e-mail) if it is acceptable for us to use their images for educational purposes. The other option would be searching photos that are specifically Creative Commons (using this Advanced Search I found below). I remember, when I was making my layouts and graphics as a young teen, that I looked for Creative Commons licenses as soon as I learned about being digitally proper.


Note: All photos shown on that screenshot are under the “Any license” category so are most-likely All Rights Reserved.

It is important to keep in mind Digital Laws and Etiquette, and to model them for my students!

I will definitely keep Flickr in mind as a rich resource for teaching. There are millions of photos of every category you can imagine.


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