A person is a person because of people. – Zulu proverb

I am so caught up in my deep thinking and philosophizing that I internalize it and “move on”, and so I think this online class has been great for helping me realize that I can stop and share these philosophies to teach others about me as well as other ways of seeing life and education.

I came across this video a long time ago but just recently saw it again. I hadn’t remembered the simply written yet powerful quote at the beginning, but this time it stood out to me with such power. We have two great teachers: ourselves, and the world around us. Both of those categories include PEOPLE. We are who we are because of the experiences we have had with people, and then how we chose to react or act based on those experiences. That is why I believe that learning in a social environment, where students can learn from one another and their life experiences, is so important.

This video and quote reminded me of a snippet of a book that I have shared twice on Facebook. I finally connected the dots that… Hey… If I am sharing these things multiple times, they must be pretty important to me! I have my niece to thank for sharing this photo on Facebook, to help me remember it a second time. Following the spirit of this post, I want to highlight her as a person who helps me become a better person.


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