Double Exposure and Eye Macros!

So I got pretty crazy with the self-portraits today. Halfway through I remembered how to pose (I kind of looked like a zombie before I remembered some posing techniques from this post, such as crossing legs). Some poses looked good on their own, but some I knew were good candidates for double exposure. Here are my final results – all photos taken today! I used the opening credits of the first season of True Detective as inspiration, and I think this eye-photography might actually become a thing for me… I think I might go to different places to see what kinds of reflections I can capture in my eye.


My personal favourite is above. However, I thought that since I had the layers ready to edit and I haven’t learned yet how to save the image as separate layers (FYI for beginning editors – when you hit Save, it merges into one photo again!), I would mess around a bit more…


And I got these…


What do you think? I think the most amazing part is that I ACTUALLY got close-ups of my eye this close. Try doing it with your own smartphone – I bet your eyes will start to get blurry (on the screen) when your face is about 8 inches from the screen. My eye was about 1 cm away! I used the macro lens that came with the initial package I had shipped. I couldn’t get any RAW files unfortunately, because I had to shoot in selfie mode. I was literally looking at the screen with one eye as I was posing the other, to make sure it was in focus! What a time to be alive!

You can view all of the half-decent photos from my “self-portrait-shoot” here on my Google Drive.


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