Gearing Up For More Double Exposure

In an early blog post I hinted to how much I love the crime series True Detective. I think half of the reason I like it is because of its opening credits, as silly as that sounds. It tells a story all on its own through double exposure photography. I rewatched the opening and then screenshotted some of my favourite photos. I will use these as inspiration for the photos and editing I will be doing.

For example, I was so excited when I noticed that the eavestroughs on my house and the highlights in my hair blended together in the 2nd final photo on this post and it reminded me of the 4th photo below, where Woody Harrelson’s cheekbones are accentuated by the photo of the highways, to the point where he almost looks like a skeleton.


I plan on taking a macro photo of my eye (using the macro lens I bought) and will take some self portraits (following the Youtube video advice here as well as the “How to Be Photogenic” poster found here) and use landscape photography I have either done for this learning project, or photos from before, to combine into double exposures as an homage to the True Detective opening.

I will make sure there is high contrast. This will be easy because it is a white-out today (snow EVERYWHERE) and I have black-branched bushes I can post in front of, in my grey/black jackets. My face is as pale as a ghost too. Therefore I am going to try to swing it so that all of the double exposure shows up on the black, so you can still see my face.

I may also try to take a photo anywhere and then crop it onto a white background, as you see in the True Detective opening, for a background-less photo – the background is only within the person.

You can view the entire opening below. Disclaimer: There is partial nudity.




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