Adventures in Double Exposure Editing!

So I caved and bought the “Photography” package of Adobe Photoshop for $10 a month and, after experimenting with it for only a half hour, I think I already got my money’s worth.

This has been a blast from the past more than anything. I am excited at how much of the interface is the same as it was about ten years years ago when I messed around with a waaaaay earlier version of Adobe. A bit has changed, and a decade passing by has made my memory and learning foggy, but that is why we have Youtube tutorials!

I combined this double exposure tutorial with my own memory and my own trial-and-error to get these two photos:



From the tutorial I learned how to make a black and white layer and alter its tint. I was also reminded of the wonderful ‘Screen’ option, which basically does most of the double exposure transparency work for you. From my own memory I remembered how to crop, erase (even though I ended up keeping the photo) and shade in part of the photo so it looks natural (top right corner – I copied the colour of the opposite corner and used 100% opacity on the outer corner, and then a lighter opacity for right next to my hair). From trial-and-error I changed the black and white tint to green filter instead of blue, as was suggested in the tutorial, because my original photo was just too dark!

Tell me what you think. I think I did a good job of making it spooky, which was my original purpose – I look like a big ol’ ghost! I realize I could do a much better job of it (using better photos – not a photo I took of myself first thing in the morning… lol… and a background photo with better contrast potential) but I wanted to do something quick yet interesting before I go to bed. I couldn’t just download Adobe and then wait until morning!!

Here are my photos of progression:

First photo I had just moved over the background layer. Second photo I tinted it black and white. Third photo tinted it with a green filter. Fourth, I screened the layers, but didn’t change opacity. The last photo is of the black/white layer unchanged, but the trees layer changed to 50% opacity. The finished products are with both layers at 50% opacity. I should make a special note that the original layer of my face hasn’t been altered at all – except for the colour-in job I did in the top right corner to hide part of my room in the background. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Double Exposure Editing!

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