Joining Photography Talk

I am joining PhotographyTalk and you can view my n00b account here and observe as it gradually flourishes into something interesting!

As I explored the set-up of this website, I realized it seems a bit more easy for me to access forums that will get me tips, as well as showcase my photos in places that will get lots of views and welcome criticism, than Flickr. I still enjoy Flickr as a place to have my overall gallery because it is so easy to download and organize, but I am going to try to get into this site as well.

I found it very easy to sign up (I just needed to create an account with my Google account – so handy!) and then it asked me if I wanted to sign up for e-mail subscription to photography tips. Why not! That would be extremely helpful – as my schedule is getting more busy, it will be nice to have e-mails show up that can give me some routine guidance in where I should continue my photography skills.


Here is a screenshot that shows a nice, organized list of things to do to get acquainted with and take the most out of the website. I especially like the Ask/Answer Forums! I have already created an account and profile. Further down the list it will show me a list of photographers I can follow, and will prompt me to upload a photo. I feel like there is a lot more direction here to learn and improve and TALK (hence the name).


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