Getting My Ducks in a Row – With Google Drive

The Twitter chat I participated in last night (#saskedchat) motivated me to get my ducks in a row and get organized digitally so I can integrate my edtech and my “hardcopy” resources together for a streamlined, hopefully straightforward set-up for when I go in to intern.

I initially grabbed a memory stick and started setting up folders on there. That is how I have “trained” myself – my current extent of edtech capabilities.

Then I remembered the Saskatchewan Curriculum Project Chrome add-on… an incredible add-on that walks you through building strong lesson plans. I then went to my Google Drive (a place I know NOTHING about – even though I have made plenty of powerpoints and docs on there) and realized it is basically like your own little filing system. You can bring in outside files from other devices, too! What?!?!?!

So I realized – why not ditch the USB memory stick and go with Google Drive? That way I can be connected on my computer AND phone. With memory sticks I can’t just send a cool picture/website over from a website with one click – I need to plug it in, save the image to a file, etc. etc. With Google Drive I can snap a photo of a document from my education classes (with that Scanbot I tweeted about!) and have an online pdf to add to my repertoire. It is incredibly easy to link Google Drive documents to online blogs like this one as well. It seems, ironically, too slow for my fast-paced resource grabbing and ideas from Twitter – even though memory sticks are incredibly fast and handy. I feel silly for resisting it so long, thinking my memory stick would be “good enough”.

I am still going to have a memory stick as a backup. Instead of just having Google Chrome in the browser I am in the process of downloading it as an add-on, so I can smoothly backup my USB. My Google Chrome, however, will be my main point of traffic – where I send lesson plans, resources, etc. FIRST. I will then copy and paste my interning file into my USB every week or so. This way, if I need to teach a lesson where I have access to a computer but there is no Internet access (needed for Google Drive) I still have the USB. I know you can save things to be read offline on Google Drive as well, so I will look into that. I imagine it would use up a lot of space on my devices though.

I LOVE the edtech apps I have been exploring and learning from, but I feel like I am liking and tweeting so much that it is all getting flooded away. I won’t remember what I retweeted two months ago as a classroom resource. So, I know I need to get things in order and start saving what I REALLY think can be of use to my classroom to Google Drive and organizing it by subject etc etc.


2 thoughts on “Getting My Ducks in a Row – With Google Drive

  1. Yes, You are absolutely right. Google drive is very good source of data storage. And as you mentioned still we need USB or external storage devices as backup. You have given a pretty good idea of organizing educational material subject wise for your future classrooms where it can be found easily.


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