Checking out Liveme (so you don’t have to)

The general consensus after our Wednesday ECMP355 chat seemed to be that people were nervous to try out Liveme, and with good reason. It can be very intimidating to be seen instantly by thousands of people, some of whom you may know (they claim to match you up with people near you… how is that for a potential safety threat to youngsters?) – and not only that, but to then be bombarded with a bunch of messages about yourself. I am not too worried about it. I want to see what all the hype is about and do a review of any educational, entertaining, or potentially unsafe/inappropriate activity through this app.

The first thing I learned is that I cannot do it from my desktop. Streaming from a phone seems so impractical, unless you have a tripod to set yourself up. This makes me think that this site really is more for informal chatting than formal, serious “performing” (singing, dancing, etc.) even though the site webpage hinted to doing things like “performances” for gems. I used quotations because my mother heard, through her online chats, that someone was using liveme to get “gems” and get paid for sex acts. So I really am preparing myself for anything on here.

So, here I am, setting up my phone against my desktop. I downloaded screencastify, all excited that I would finally have a purpose to use it (I usually don’t try something just because… I always want a purpose for why I am doing it) but now I can’t film my desktop. Instead of screencastifying from my screen I will screencastify from my web camera so you can see and hear me reacting (I can’t seem to get it to work to copy my screen from my phone). I may try to flip my phone to face back to the camera to see if you can see any activity going on in the liveme domain.

I cut off in the middle of saying I have mainly male viewers. Some asked me to follow them, some said “you form” (what?) some asked me to call them and another asked me to come to New York. A lot of pressure in 2 minutes. I thought it would be people relying bsck also on webcam. The fact that it was all written made it very creepy.

I also was extremely bothered when I realized I had my bank card in view. You just don’t realize how private your room is until it is broadcast all over the world!

I get the allure of it for teens though. I was exhausted just staring at the screen and talking. Below is actually the “grade” I was given afterwards… Hahahaah. I did poorly apparently. Nothing like putting the pressure on with grades. Subconsciously when people see that they want to do better and try again… Hence giving the app more business.

But I can see how the attention could really boost confidence and how teens could crave it. I had zero makeup on and was convinced I looked horrible, and people were being inviting and kind. I like people in general and so when I saw their little profile pictures I got excited because I was participating… Just like we are encouraged to do in ECMP355. But boy was it weird. Even Liveme isn’t afraid to admit…. We are all “strangers”.



3 thoughts on “Checking out Liveme (so you don’t have to)

  1. That is creepy! Your blog made me shudder! It could be a cool teaching tool (as in, be aware!), especially when you mentioned your bank card. You never know exactly what information people are receiving from your broadcast.
    Thank you for taking one for the team and exploring this for us!


  2. Wow, that’s crazy! You had so many people viewing you when you were just sitting there, I can’t even imagine how many someone would get when they’re younger or actually wearing making and “preparing for the camera”. I think Robbi is right, it could be a good tool to teach students how scary this is, even if it may seem harmless to some kids.


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