Long Exposure Photos (The Tasteful Blur)

So from personal experience I learned that long exposure photography (capturing movement as a blur) needs to be done in low light… When I Youtubed long exposure photography, videos with “low light photography” also showed up – no surprise there. Also this video shows the LG G4 being tested in a special lowlight box – again, this now makes sense.

This video gave me the idea of using special filters to lower the lighting of the phone so I can take daytime photos, however, for now I will work around it. In the meantime I will try to find anything dark and translucent!

I quickly realized that this evening would be a good time to take traffic photos in different parts of town. I will try to keep other photography tips in mind, to get the “perfect” shot, but I realize this is my first time shooting long exposure photography and so everything may not come together all that great. Wish me luck!

After the shoot:

I realized two things after attempting to shoot a long exposure nightlife still…

First of all my hot glue gun failed me and I need to krazy glue my tripod back together because LE shots are super blurry without stabilization…

Secondly, this is the best photo I can get. Swift isn’t exactly a hopping place on Sunday night.

It looks cool but……… Random. It doesn’t tell much of a story, except maybe one of a lonely highway. Not what I want with LE.

I have decided I will map out the bigger city I will be visiting next weekend for good high traffic areas (like the video on this post suggested) and try it there – with a tripod.

The night wasn’t totally wasted. I got really excited over the dark orchid sky and snapped some spooky shots… Some even through my windshield. I experimented with a variety of filters. I love the last photo because to me it seems to tell a story of Town & Country… It looks split into country (trees) and city (street and building lights). I chose a better time of day woohoo!

Which version of the last photo do you like most? I am torn!


One thought on “Long Exposure Photos (The Tasteful Blur)

  1. Thanks for sharing your nice photos. I liked the middle version of your photo. It looks like a full moon and snowing night. And i liked that videos about LG G4. Pretty good mobile to have 🙂


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