Selfie vs Self Portrait (Bonus: Projects to Try Around the House)


I have gathered some Youtube videos and watched them to get an understanding of how I can take a good self portrait. I am interested in doing this because I have myself available to myself anytime (haha) and I am interested myself in learning how to be a model (being on the other side of the camera). I also think it is refreshing to try to do a self-portrait (where I am on a timer, it is formal and staged and looks like a professional picture) versus a casual profile-picture “selfie” where you hold the camera and look up and make a duckface! The girl in this Youtube video basically explains it the same way as I had assumed. I want to take some nice self-portraits because I still intend on completing a double-exposure (as a kind of final product – to show why we take photography, not just to have a photo but so we can mix it with other art forms – photoshop – and, hopefully, I will put it on a canvas to show how art can be made with digital tools and actualized in real life to become a part of my home atmosphere).

I used my learning from last blog post to choose videos that had the most views and likes and chose these videos to view and share:

In the comments of the above video, user jsm666 has the tip of setting up a repeated shutter so the model (you) doesn’t have to get up continually to set each shot up. With my LG G4 I know I can do slow-repeated clicks on the selfie-facing camera (which is not as good of quality) but I will have to use the remote shutter release to get multiple shots from the back-facing camera without getting up. If I can find a way to take full-body photos and artistically hide my clicking hand, I will let you guys know! (I will maybe try to do shoulder-up shots.)

To clarify I don’t plan on doing boudoir shots for this learning project!!! I just thought these were good tips to get those dramatic profile shots like the ones you see in True Detective (where I got my original idea to try double exposure photography).

To end, I wanted to share this as some fun little projects anyone can do – the long-shutter shot of an object looks really fun!


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