Photography and General Digital Literacy Tips!

I found this page on Photography Talk to be particularly useful, and not only for photography tips. It suggested a 5 dollar lighting app that will tell you where best lighting in an area is, and suggested sharing your photos online to get feedback (leading me to their own website where there is a forum for feedback which I plan to make use of) BUT…

The thing that really stood out to me, was how they approached talking about Youtube videos. They showed the stats of two videos in this image above, and asked which I should watch if I didn’t have time to scan all of them. I am not really Youtube literate so I figured either or would work since they were close in views. What I wasnt looking at, was the fact that one video had a higher ratio of likes to dislikes (and more likes overall) and the other had an even ratio of likes and dislikes. I know we are taught not to judge a book by its cover, but if I am wanting to look for quick handy tips I am probably best off going with what other people find handy too!


One thought on “Photography and General Digital Literacy Tips!

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