Learn How to Take Great Landscape Shots in 4 Minutes!

I found this awesome Youtube video that quickly gives 10 strong tips on landscape photos. I will keep them in mind as I shoot landscapes in various places the next few days.

If you are a reader like me, you will appreciate these tips written out, but the visuals help INCREDIBLY for actually visualizing how you will take the shots.

  1. Pick the right time of day (morning, golden hour, sunset, and nighttime are best)
  2. Long exposures (have shutter speed at a low fraction to allow motion to blur – blur sky, or water in creek, or headlights of cars) – I want to try this at our creek
  3. Consider the foreground, middle ground and background of each shot (HAVE LAYERS!)
  4. Take panoramas
  5. Find unique points of view to take photos from (roofs, balconies)
  6. Rule of thirds
  7. Leading lines (have lines that lead the viewer through the photo – like roads, sidewalks)
  8. Natural frames (use two buildings on either side of a street to frame a subject in the middle)
  9. If the colors look bad, go black and white (something I already naturally figured out)
  10. Have a message (same as Trish told me – tell a story or have a purpose and make sure the audience can draw a story from it as well)

4 thoughts on “Learn How to Take Great Landscape Shots in 4 Minutes!

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