First Twitterchat Experience

The Tweetdeck was not as scary of an experience as I had thought it would be. I tried to add some last-minute input in (I was not prepared) but I found I could be active and stay in the loop for communicating. A few times I forgot to add ‘A1’ or #saskedchat (I realize nobody saw those ones haha) but soon I will get used to that routine! A friendly user even told me to sign up for the chat (if anyone can tell me how that would be great!)

I tuned in for the #saskedchat Thursday meeting at 8 pm. The most exciting thing was that I started learning the Tweetdeck at 7:55 and by 8:00 I was ready to go – technology is fast and I am adapting well! In the future however I will prepare ahead of time. Kelly and Katia both retweeted the topic this week (Physical Education) and I neglected to read it. Next time I will read and go hunting for resources to contribute!

I believe I did a good job of following, and even retweeted some Tweets I found particularly enlightening! Initially I had planned on opening each resource in a new tab and saving/bookmarking it… Then remembered I am still on Twitter so I can just read the resource and then retweet it!

On the Tweetdeck I initially couls not log on from Firefox, but Google Chrome worked just fine. I did what Katia suggested and set up a user column for Kelly and a Search column for #saskedchat. I then removed all of the preset columns so I could watch the chat and Tweet out replies without having to scroll (it was all in view) . It was so much fun and I felt accomplished, like I was finally partaking in the 21st century in a useful way. 

To do list:

Find one other scheduled chat to follow (education related)

Google uses for the Tweetdeck

Make a column for ECMP355 so I can keep a better tab on my peers!

Participate next Thursday in #saskedchat and BE PREPARED (read topic and find 2 or 3 resources).


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