Lightbox Photoshoot!

I decided to spend one bleak winter evening inside, blinding myself while perfecting my lightbox photography skills. I have not read the “How to Use a Lightbox” article Trish recommended yet… Typical Taylor just went ahead and experimented.

When I looked at how small the box was it didn’t take me long to realize I need to be photographing small things. That is when it hit me… Why not turn it into a photoshoot that explains a bit about my diverse identity and interests?! There, I had a purpose. Then, to actually gather items and start shooting!

I set up my angles and arrangements with extreme care. I folded my rainbow headband and layered it with all of my Pride paraphernalia. I found every inch of tiger eye I own. I opened my book of poems and flipped to my favourite one.

I also read this handy website and mainly followed the feedback of looking at my subject and deciding what I wanted to draw attention to, of trying a subject from many angles, and of taking LOTS OF PICTURES! I only ended up doing a few true macros and only one stood out:

Originally I tried to get full bodied shots of Boris & Natasha (anyone remember Rocky & Bullwinkle?) but wasn’t liking how they turned out. My original purpose was focusing on the height difference but then I realized how stereotypical that is…. Everyone knows Natasha is twice his height. So I decided to pop my macro lens on (designed to clip over smartphones!) and focused on her vintage-drawn cartoon face that, to me, sums up 1960s ideals of beauty. I also used Dream filter from Adobe PS Express.

My portrait photos also turned out well following these three simple tips.

I followed Trish’s advice on assymetry in photos and dound that my photography looked professional when adding three different focal points. I also played with positioning so the light hit the brown stones just right.

Originally I kept trying to get all of Petrie’s body in the shot, but to me it then lacked personality. I needed to artistically crop it to draw focus to his gestures. I found that if I zoomed in on his eyes, beak and arms, his posture told unique stories from different angles. For example this is “Let me tell you a story about a BIIIIIG dinosaur”…

This is…. “Waaaaaait wait waitwaitwait… What?”

And my favourite: “But wait, there’s more!!”

Again with the odd number of objects and asymetry.

A poem I wrote with a surprise twist at the end. It won me first in 8 or 9 provinces of Canada for a Young Poets contest. Also my governor general award in the back. A photo that sums up my major achievements.

And a good motto to live by.


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