Shooting (Photos) Downtown

I was originally going to do what Trish suggested and photograph something stationary at different times of the day, but today is a gross day for weather (wouldnt do a great job of showing shadows and sunsets etc) and so I decided to take Trish’s other advice – of getting out and taking as many shots as I can, all with purpose in mind.

I put out a question on Facebook asking where I can take good landscape photos (I chose a focus or purpose) and got an amazing amount of response… Both silly and serious. However I opted to go with cityscape photos of downtown instead. My purpose was to shoot buildings and places that are historical landmarks of Swift Current… Places that tell a history, maybe not always cheerful histories, and are instant reminders that this place is “home”. All of these photos are as familiar to me as the back of my hand. I decided I don’t always have to do hours of research before I go out so I read one web site and decided I would focus on different angles (look up, down, move camera tripod to different sides to take photo of object) and that I would try to include focal points. The first photo I took you can see below (it is of the downtown and outskirts of town… This is basically the view from my front window) has no focal point. The site says to have something the eye is initially drawn to on the photo. If you look at my Flickr album, I am curious… What are the focal points for you in some of the photos below? What stands out at you first? What stories or questions do you have after looking at these photos?

I will only talk in depth about my favourite photo… The blue truck at the Imperial Hotel. To me I love this photo so much because first if all – it looks like something off the movie/TV series Fargo – now do you get the Shooting pun in my blog title? –

and also, it invites so many questions and curiosity. There is no snow under the truck… How long has it been parked there to have no snow? Why? Why is it parked crooked? Why does the sign to the right have no board in it – what did it used to say?

Also it follows Corla’s advice of contrasting the main focal point (the truck) from the background. The landscape is bleak, bland, grey, while the old truck is a vibrant blue. Now I did “cheat” and I increased the vibrancy on the truck, but still, the final product is so cool!


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