Making a Lightbox

I followed Trish’s advice and made a lightbox. I love crafts that involve reusing, so jumped at this idea to make something that can help further inspire my photography learning.

I switched to Youtube for making videos. I love the idea that I have an account and can post educational or reflective things. Youtube could become an active resource for me where I comment and upload and like, instead of passively lukring and absorbing info.

I made 3 videos, which to me feel kind of like a fail. Half way through I realized two things… First of all my photo memory was full (yikes) and second, nobody wants to watch me build something for 20 minutes. So at the end of the third video you hear me saying this makes no sense… I will just shoot photos of the progress instead!

I made the cut by poking scissors through and cutting gradually from the inside out.

Reflections: Tonight I learned a lot about what kind of a learner/builder I am. I followed this tutorial Trish recommended insofar as most of the materials (but because I did not have white fabric I thought wax paper would be a good substitute) and only followed the first direction… Of measuring and cutting out two inch borders. From there I ditched the site and designed it myself. I taped and stapled the wax paper on and even divided the bristol board so I have two separate sheets… One for if I want the box tall:

… And one for if I want it long!

Therefore I learned that I actually want to be independent. I like to test things myself, I don’t like to read step by step. I took a look at the end result photo and off I went. I also am creative and resourceful in that, if I don’t have materials, I can find appropriate substitutes for them.

I think it turned out well.

However as it says of Digital Photography School I should probably get a “full spectrum” or natural light as this one above is very yellow. My crab UVB light may do the trick…

I didn’t use a white box but I will keep my photos focused only on the white background anyway so I should be “set to jet” as an old boss used to say!

You can see the next installment of my lightbox journey here.


6 thoughts on “Making a Lightbox

  1. This is great Taylor. Such a great additional learning to your photography. You are doing great, I love seeing what new things you are trying out. Keep up the great work!


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