Lightbox Photography Adventures – The Hunt for Lightbulbs and The Final Product…

This Saturday has been jam packed with photography shenanigans. I first went to walmart and bought General Electric “full spectrum light bulbs”.Then I went on a trip around town taking landscape photos!
 The GEs were horrendously yellow, and they were 100 watts and my lamps are only good for 60… So I decided safety was in my best interest (a noble pursuit since I am in the elementary education profession after all…) and bought Great Value with about a 3/4 spectrum light with 23 watts. The top yellow light and side white lights work okay together and I am happy with the lightbox I have now. Check out this video and my test photos! LG is very good at displaying true colours in auto mode so you can trust your eyes on these shots!

This set up is photoshoot ready! I have all three lights on. There is minimal shadows and the subject is bright and not cluttered with any surroundings. There is a nice white background.

If I compare the “best photo” to just the two side lights (see photo above)… The lightbox is almost too cold of a white. So I actually like the yellow top light to balance it out.


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