Reminiscing and Recreating A St Paddys Day Craft…

This pin is the closest example of the craft I have done before with third graders and will attempt soon with preschoolers. I got the idea originally from Pinterest but can’t find the exact pin and I am 99% sure I came up with the idea of stryrofoam balls as pots of gold. Wish me luck with the kidlets!

Pinterest similar idea:

My twist on it:

Begin with a medium sized stryofoam ball. Precut part of the way around and then let kids rip off the tops so they can see bumpy styrofoam inside. Design your pot o’ gold.

Take a strand of your rainbow and attach clouds. Clouds could also be paper cut out with those fancy pattern scissors. 

Stick each of your rainbow strands in… Kids will experiment and discover the further they go in the littler the bump will be!

Almost done…

Voila. There is your pot of gold for St Patricks Day! Happy crafting!


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