Reflections on Portrait Photography Contd.



I will initially comment on my “good” photos (after editing) and explain why I chose them. At a later time I will include some “bad” photos and talk about why they did not make the cut!

My model is the past president (current treasurer) of the Lyric Theatre in Swift Current and I thought of asking her because a) we are comfortable enough together to mess around with stuff like this and b) the Lyric is a great venue for unique photos. The sofa in the front is gorgeous!

I will start off by saying I decided to make the photos black and white because I just got too fussy deciding on how to change the colours and lighting to my liking. I may post some colour photos just to ask for critique to see how they could be made better. However I think I found a bit of a niche in black-and-white photography.

Portrait Photography Edits in Black and White!

I included the above photo because the diagram I showed her on “how to be photogenic” talked about smiling with your eyes. With having that in the back of her mind, I think she did a good job of bringing out candid emotion, instead of her “deer in the headlights” look she has where her eyes are wide and startled. We laughed a lot today. I also cropped it from the original photo to match the rule of thirds (her left eye would be about a third of the way across the photo).

Portrait Photography Edits in Black and White!

I cropped this one (it originally had a lot of empty ceiling space at the top) because I remembered what Corla and Schultz photography said about filling the frame. Nothing is directly in the centre, so the eye is forced to look all over and eventually focus on her eyes. My one pet peeve is the glare of the sun on her glasses, and also I am upset I couldn’t get a blur in the background (to get a background blur I’d need to be zoomed in much closer to her face) but overall I love this photo. Corla also mentioned the idea of having the subject contrasted from the background – and luckily my model wore a white shirt. Photography tips advised against having a white shirt but I forgot to tell her – and I am glad now that I forgot, because it contrasted beautifully against the black background and brought her into focus.

Portrait Photography Edits in Black and White!

I love this photo, even with the blurry hand, because to me it shows who she really is. She gets excited, she wants to have fun, and is always smiling and active. This, to me, is how she looks when she is off camera, so I am so happy I managed to get a candid shot of her. I feel like I used the couch as a good natural frame (which Corla talked about) and I think I did a good impression of the inspiration photo I used to pose her. She is six feet tall without shoes, which gives you an idea of just how long the couch is! I had to get creative with my angling to fit everything in!

Portrait Photography Edits in Black and White!

I like this pose, but dislike the lighting. I feel like the contrast is too bad (like her arm is floating in blackness – where did the couch go?) and the glare from the sun is distracting with her eyes.

Question for anyone (professional photographers or enthusiasts):

Which do you like better? On my editing program I discovered that if I lower the Clarity drastically, it basically airbrushes my model and hides any fine lines. I actually like the last ones more, however, with the lines and the sharpness. How do you feel about each one?

Portrait Photography Edits in Black and White!

Portrait Photography Edits in Black and White!

Portrait Photography in Colour!

Thanks for following and any comments are appreciated!


6 thoughts on “Reflections on Portrait Photography Contd.

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  2. I really love the photos you took! The first two are my favourites. I took photography and graphic art all through high school so I like that you are filling your frame and using the rule of thirds. Awesome job!!


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