Mom’s Wisdom

Mom had me reflecting about blogs this morning when I told her I need to document a bit more of my educational learning. She said, “Don’t you have to blog about stuff as it happens? Like in Saskatoon when you bought that book?” I explained to her that I am used to living in the moment and not immediately connecting it to sharing online. So when I bought my book on Group Games for my daycare I was excited and telling my coworkers about it but didn’t stop to connect it back to my class/ed portfolio. She made me realize that I still have a ways to go in evolving technologically so it does become more of a habit for me to think “yes I should share that online” and have my online identity intehrated eith my in person one. I was so amazed with mom’s learning (someone who has more years off a computer than on) when she just came out with that comment! She said she learned about the idea of immediately blogging after an event from her TV shows she watches. 😊

So, I will blog about my group activities book shortly!


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