After the Photoshoot! Also… My First Vlog!

So at 1 pm I showed up to the Lyric and rearranged the front foyer area to do some sofa photos! The Lyric, after volunteering there so much, is a comfortable place for me to take photos and try something new (as I have said before portrait photography is totally new for me). It was the usual afternoon scene – quiet, no program on. However, someone was moving things around and playing a “Dateline” episode over the speakers – there is nothing weirder than hearing a forensic crime show playing in the background as you take photos!

I can’t remember who, but the other day I heard someone saying they like nature photography because they don’t have to tell a flower how to pose, ask them to be patient, make conversation and so on. I think that is why I have initially started out with nature photography myself. It is a lot less nerve-wracking, to be honest!

However, since I was shooting with a friend it was easy to make conversation, and I knew she would be game and would be patient. I think overall it was a good first experience and some photos are not half-bad!

I started out by asking my model to read over that photo on how to be photogenic… I found that was the most substantial help, because I had so many things going through my head I was not the best at giving directions! We agreed upon some poses and we did a good mix of following poses and casual – I found I most liked the photos where she had no idea I was photographing her. There were minor difficulties photographing her standing (I am five feet, she is six) so I decided not to do a lot of standing photos – sitting worked better!

You can view all of the photos here on my Flickr account, and I will take a few out to show  self-feedback/critiques in my next blog post. As always, I am open to anyone else’s opinion of how I did and definitely how I could do better!

Some things in general I know we kept in mind (also discussed on video below):

  • Since I did mainly waist-high shots, I kept the camera at chest level
  • I used the natural light (it is an overcast day, so no harsh sunlight – yay) to my advantage
  • I had her look down or away from the camera for a lot of shots and I think that those poses helped her get more comfortable with her eyes (and not have that deer-in-headlights look)
  • Using the example pose photos helped so much – she could look at it and then adapt to be comfortable, and I didn’t have to instruct verbally how to pose, and it just went faster – I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t printed out a page, and had just come with my written notes – visuals are not to be underestimated!! (Especially when my learning project is such a visual-based thing….)


This is MY FIRST VLOG – EVER. Unfortunately I cannot embed the video on here so you will have to click the link. Check this out for some rambling on my photography process as well as some thoughts on today’s photoshoot.

So I did my first vlog… From my webcam. BAD IDEA. Horrible quality when I showed my phone camera. Oh well, I think it was still worthwhile. If you make it through the full 10 minutes, THANK YOU. I will keep them shorter from now on!

I used a site called to upload my video, since you need to be an upgraded wordpress member to upload a video directly from site. Hope this resource can be of use for others who need a quick upload!

Edit: The link expired, so I uploaded the video to my Google Drive on April 15, 2017. Tip for the future: Always think about the security of what you post – will it be around for good? How do you know?


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