Creeping on Chelsea Byblow (… For an Assignment on Digital Identity!)

The first thing I noticed about this activity was how fast it could be done. If you know someone’s first and last name, and they have any kind of digital footprint, you literally have all the power in your hands to know everything about them – sometimes, down to the car they drive (think about Google Earth and how you can type an address in and check out their yard!) I connected this back to the many chats we have had in university about keeping a clean, respectable public profile – because employers don’t really have to dig too deep to see any photos posted online. If you aren’t watching your privacy settings and have it set to “Friends of Friends”, if a potential employer shares a friend with you they can see your photos – some of which you may not feel comfortable sharing with the public!

I know, just from knowing Chelsea as a friend, that she does professional photography. However it only took a minute to find “proof” of this, by looking up her name on Firefox (it was the fourth hit).

I discovered that, if I wasn’t logged into FB, I couldn’t see anything of her beyond her photo and full name (Chelsea Marie Byblow).

Below I not only put down each fact I learned, but traced it back to each place I could find the info from.

Professional (job-related):

Photography (Bookmark FB Page)
Educator (Twitter and Blog)


Now living in Raymore (Blog)
From Ituna, SK (Blog and Bookmark FB Page)
Was in Yorkton at one time (Myspace)
In a relationship


Loves being creative (assumed of the arts – because photography) (Bookmark FB Page)
Played volleyball (Myspace)
Played football (Myspace)
Has/had a cat (Myspace)
Likes Majetik (music) (Public post on Facebook from 2014 – first hit on my mobile Google Chrome)

Social networks/websites/contact info: (Bookmark FB Page)
(306) 795-7479 (Bookmark FB Page)
Her Myspace (Google Chrome)
Her ECMP355 Blog
(Blog hub page)
Her Twitter: @ChelseaBybs

Overall impression:

I found that if I looked at any other sites besides Twitter or her blog, it didn’t tell me that she was an educator, so she is very private on her other social media. However her Twitter and blog clearly show she is serious about teaching and learning how to be a better teacher!

Would you hire them?

I would hire her because, when I think about education, I think about teaching for social justice, teaching students to be good people, and that is exactly what her Twitter seems to be focusing on. She is interested in asking the important questions and learning what others have to contribute (for example her question on Twitter on how to be equitable without steering towards segregation).


I think she shares a lot of stuff related to work, but – in regards to Twitter/Blog where anyone can see her identity – she does not share a lot of personal stuff. I think she had a good balance of sharing.



2 thoughts on “Creeping on Chelsea Byblow (… For an Assignment on Digital Identity!)

  1. Hi Taylor,
    I am glad that you decided to do this for your blog post. I decided to do the second option, but I am glad that I got to read yours! It is quite amazing how much information that you found about her. From reading your research on her, I can tell right away that she has a passion for teaching and is very professional! I think that this will work for her benefit. Through this class, I have been reminded that we truly are role models for students. What we post online, will not only impact us, but also our students. I hope that when students, families, or future employers “creep” me, they see someone who cares about education. Thank your for posting!


  2. My post didn’t comment from forever ago! I absolutely loved reading this about myself. Sometimes I feel as if I share way too much about myself on Social Media, but from reading this I don’t think I did so bad! (:

    I was thinking about going through my profiles and cleaning up any past history before being lurked, but I decided to just let it play through as I am who I am based on who I was and who I want to be. That’s usually how I think of myself when posting different things on social media. (:

    Thanks for the down-low on myself! It makes me feel a little less stressed about what people find about my on the internet.

    Liked by 1 person

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