Aye aye, Captain! Floating boats in daycare. 

I made some origami boats for the kids to float. I started the morning before off having no idea how to make a boat. I found this website but got hung up on step 6. How did that other flap disappear? I didnt understand that the piece had to be flipped. So I watched the video below the photos and… voila!

I also had my proud moment of teaching and inspiring a kindergarten student to make boats herself, and she continued to help make boats (on her own!!) so we had a bunch to float! Online learning turned into great real life participation and active learning. One learned how to make a boat, and all of us learned that paper sinks relatively fast when it gets wet.

Question for you, the audience:

What materials could we make our boats out of so that they don’t sink? Or, what are some ways the paper could be waterproofed?


3 thoughts on “Aye aye, Captain! Floating boats in daycare. 

  1. Awe I love this idea! I work in a daycare as well and I know that my little kiddos would love to play with these boats! Could you try making the boats out of tinfoil or parchment paper? Or perhaps covering the bottom in tape??

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