Crab Playground Adventures

I used a bit of the knowledge I used online and from Corla to take some closeups of my crab today.

First I thought about positioning so there wasnt useless clutter in the way. One main thing I gathered from Corla is that you need to assess the scene and stage it. Be proactive not reactive. So I moved the crab’s playground against my bed and angled it so I wouldn’t get any shots of my bedroom in the background.

(Yes… That is a Schticky.)

Second I thought about light. I tried using a light in my room from behind but remembered Corla saying photos may look flat. So I opened my window blinds for light to come in from the side, and turned off my bedroom lights, for some serious drama – highlights and shadows!

I mainly shot towards my bed so we had side-light.

At first I used auto mode for shooting but soon realized it was limiting my photography. The shutter speed was too slow and I couldn’t get the crisp, exact shots I wanted.

 So I switched from 1/15 to 1/60 (1/60 is recommended for event photos too) and upped the ISO a bit and… Voila!

These are my favourite photos because…

If I cropped a quarter of the right off it would be centred, and I love that it pans back to show a little snail in a (relatively) big playground. 

I love this photo because – even though it breaks the rule of thirds – there is this stream of light that the eye follows from top left to bottom right. This photo just seems magical to me. 

This photo stands out to me because it is funky and dramatic. Here is my crab… Literally on the edge of “breaking out”.  Half of her is dark and half light. The bright blue table below glows off of the bottom of her shell!

I could have done better here if…

You can see all of my crab photos on my Flickr.


2 thoughts on “Crab Playground Adventures

  1. I love how you are using your crab for your learning project! It makes taking photos so fun. You are making me want to go out and buy a crab for myself! Keep the great photos coming!


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