Testing My Knowledge

Downtown shot of the Lyric!

I walked downtown and quickly snapped a few shots of the top of the Lyric downtown because it is very cold. My purpose was to get the Coca Cola sign but when I realized I couldn’t I opted for a cool downtown shot with the sun peering through.


Cropping with purpose – if you look at the before and after photos I cropped out the corners of other buildings so I only had what I wanted in the photo.

Angle photography – I got more of the Lyric in the shot by not shooting head on.

Framing – I use the trees to frame the buildings.


Rule of thirds… My intended subject is in the middle of the photo. Oops!

The subject should be contrasted differently from the rest of the pic and in this case it looks like I am focusing attention on the Central Ave building and not the Lyric.

Also… I am tempted to ask business owners if I can walk on their roof because from on the ground you can barely tell that it is a Coca Cola mural! That was my original purpose for the photo! It is obviously not cropped with purpose.


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