Photography Project Prompts

I came across this website that has a bunch of daily/weekly projects for photography. I think this idea is great and will help me develop my creativity and further my interest in photography as I attempt scenarios I never would have thought of on my own. I am learning that photography isnt always about stumbling on something pretty with sheer stroke of luck. Photographers sometimes put a lot of thought and effort into setting a scene and determining how it will tell a story… Or convey some kind of purpose to the audience. I want to work more on setting up scenes and being more proactive in getting shots that I want, instead of waiting for the right shots to come to me. I think following projects is cool because it will ground me, so I have a purpose to follow – I am not wandering around aimlessly looking at different random tips and trying to implement them. I may not follow this exact site – in fact I am looking on flickr to see if they have any groups that do weekly projects so I could hopefully be part of a community to share and receive feedback. Will keep everyone posted! I will also look for groups that focus on tutorials or challenges. 


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