Pinterest in Action

I saw a photo on pinterest, originally meant for flying airplanes. Instead I modified a sheet of Bristol board with different sized holes for a ball toss game at my work (a daycare). Our kids need to do lots of big body activities – they are rambunctious!

I soon realized I would have a sore arm if I held it up. Also it flopped around and just wasn’t sturdy. 

So the assistant director approached me with a thick sheet of cardboard and said she has been keeping them in hopes that they could be put to use. Perfect timing. I cut out a circle (which I made from a record). Since I used a knife it stayed in tact and so I propped the circle into the board for a somewhat sturdy backing. Voila! Now we just need to gather some balls!

Also it is easy to pack up and take on the go!

 I like ed technology because I can share this in so many different places, and also because this never would have happened if I hadn’t been surfing Pinterest!


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