Alec Couros – Guest Speaker – What Did I Learn?

12 000 people – 75 countries – 1 course! Technology = globalization.


Is it thoughtful, je;lpful, intelligent, needed, … (THINK principle)

GIFs of kids – biography more submersive than just speaking to it, can see

“Technology is anything that wasn’t around when you were born” Alan Kay (1960s)

1984 – Millenials have technology

Too much technology (use it to enrich life, not become life) – toilet with iPad (need to consider ethics)

A third of children have digital footprint before born (announce birth)

1000 images before fifth birthday (thought about this – how children act, think of audience now more than when I was growing up – act different in front of camera)

Telephone only seen as app (haven’t seen landline) – realized still have telephone, save/floppy disk

Today received VCR

Movie place to online, nostalgia – has become so convenient, we miss if it is actually giving us pleasure. Need to work for pleasure, feel like did something worthwhile, take pride in self.

Why teach kids in school and not online? Teachers need to guide students in how to be responsible, critical thinkers online, and show them the most effective resources. (Online can be scatterbrained, or organized – if have all the content and no tools how to use, useless.)

Help kids discover passion.


Addiction to technology – priorities mixed up. Great that technology people are contientious of doing responsible technology.

Content, tools = change in culture

Don’t just enjoy – participate. I am not used to this – like to “lurk” online as Katia said, still PNP (look up acronym) but

Young me – Now Me – Take same photo as an older person (re-do)

Dear – Explore for learning photography skill (photo altering undoubtedly part of photography – mix real and fake)

Super-impose images (take from different days and show contrast)

Performance vs. humour vs. real emotion

Ask out wife – take in back of car, everyone dances down street, kept on video so can look back on (need to teach being perfect isn’t ok, and before you could mess up and forget it – on video if keep something see it over and over, so more pressure to be perfect)

  • Katia says need to re-think what being perfect means (OK to see a “mess up” over and over)

Fake mechanic hacks – phone microwave – part of critical thinking (can you find it on more than one site – before you do it, might something be dangerous?) – arguments on facebook (can’t you take a joke? If dumb enough deserve it… so mean)

Obama – filter bubbles (stuck in rut, can’t see other sides) – being fed one-sided because of prior results (makes it difficult to change and see different perspectives – which we need to do to survive)

Intention leads to attention – avoid ADHD online (hard to stay focused, multitask halfway on a bunch of things)

Identity thief (stole photos) – scary because of how many pictures I have up

Findface – upload face to see if have scammers (dating site – creepy?)











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