Unpacking the Goods

My tripod and lenses came in the mail today (thank goodness for Amazon!) and here are some photos of my exploration. I did not upload them to Flickr because they are  demonstrations of my new tools  – not, by any means, my artistic abilities!

To re-cap: I am doing phone photography, so I am only using tools that are compatible with an LG G4. So far I LOVE the macro, but probably won’t pick up the fish-eye or wide-angle lenses, because they leave black holes on my photos.


Opened the box – the tripod is the same size as the camera! Oh well – it works for hands-free (less shaky) photography.


The photo on the left is Taylor-ception… I figured out how to attach my big phone to the tripod and, amazingly, it didn’t fall over. I positioned it in front of a mirror to show how funny it looks. On the right, I am pushing back some clothes that are hanging with one hand, and am pressing the shutter-release button with the other. Look Ma, no hands (on the camera)! This will be handy if I am taking photos of something and I don’t want to use the “Say Cheese” verbal feature (ie. if I am in public and don’t want to get stares).

Normal vs. Wide-Angle: Black hole is not appealing.


Fish-eye Lens: It does its job of distorting the image, I suppose… not my style.

Macro vs. Normal: Wow!!! The difference is unbelievable. My camera, on its own, cannot focus at that close of a distance. It was worth the extra $3 to get the tripod with the clip-on lenses!


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