Gotta Start Somewhere!

I decided to begin my journey in bettering my photography skills by showcasing the level of skill I currently possess. I have uploaded my favorite photos to Flickr. I welcome any criticism, feedback, or compliments!

As I learn different skills, I will try my best to provide direct before and after comparisons, to show my growth! For now, however, I thought it would be appropriate to just show what I have already photographed (and have thus been self-taught).

Here are photos I have taken on my LG G4 before officially learning about photography!

The full “Before” Album is located on my Flickr account. Above is my favourite sample from the album. I am doing this simply by uploading my camera (phone) photos to my Flickr account, via the phone. What a world we live in, where I can do everything off of one device that is the size of my hand!



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