Learning the Bass Clef and Labelling!

In all my years of learning classical and jazz trumpet, I never was taught bass clef long enough to remember it. I found a simple image off of Google and realized that with enough repetition I will remember which are which because G always starts on the first line. (In treble clef, E starts on the first line.)


I will also upload a photo after I have finished labelling the keys on my organ.


Edit: Here is my label job. Blue is left hand, Green is right hand, Orange is Middle C! I even labelled the bass pedals.

For my first piece I will “cheat” and label each note with a letter, too, so it is easier to connect the notes and refresh my memory (and straight up learn, in the case of the bass clef notes).

In a Gadda da Vida Sheet Music

In a Gadda Da Vida – Simpsons Version (Originally by Iron Butterfly)

I am teaching myself this song, which I grabbed quickly off of the internet. I am not paying to play all of it – the beginning riff is complex enough for me right now!


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