Beginning my Journey into Smartphone Photography

This first post will have a lot of rambling. Don’t worry – if you make it through this, you will be blessed with many (hopefully good) photos of various different scenes and techniques soon down the road!

After a lot of hard thought between choosing rock’n’roll organ and photography, I chose photography. (There is still a good chance I will do rock’n’roll organ, and will document my learning of that on here as well. Stay ‘tuned’ – lol.)

I want to share a few learning epiphanies I have had so far, at the beginning of this experience, before even picking up the camera and digging into tutorials:

First of all, I realized that I want to explore a photo site that I have used in the past, but to a fuller capacity. I have included my Flickr page on the RSS feed on my Home page (the page with the skeleton band!), so you can view my photo progress at any time. I thought that this would be a good opportunity for me to build a bit of social networking around photography and perhaps I will find myself in a community of photo educators. I am interested to see how photography can tie into education. I wouldn’t say I am an experienced photographer, but it is a passion of mine to go out and capture beautiful things that I see.

I soon realized that it will be an absolute blessing to use my smartphone as my camera. First of all, I am already quite familiar with the technical aspects, which means I can focus more of my time on techniques and tips, instead of how to work the darn thing! Secondly, because of the wonderful technology of today, I can upload my photos from my camera to Flickr/Wordpress at the click of a button. Although I am sitting at my laptop typing right now, if I want to shoot off a quick post detailing my progress of my photography, I can do so right from my phone, in the middle of a field, if I wish. That is too cool!

I want to lay out some beginning ideas I have, to bring some clarity and focus to the project, so I don’t feel like I am just running after any photography tutorial that catches my eye. These are the areas that I am interested in and will be choosing from to explore:

Animal photography – I have hermit crabs that are yearning for a photoshoot.
Macro photography – I know nothing about it, other than that it means “close up” and it looks really cool if you do it right! I bought a lens to go over my phone so we will see how that works!
Nature photography – I love trees and clouds. Enough said.
Photography by inspiration – I want to look at other peoples’ photos on Flickr, and then try to emulate them in a unique but complementary way, as best as I can do from Swift Current/the surrounding area.
LG G4 Photography – I was a bit full of myself in thinking that I thought I knew every capability my camera has, just because I could take a (decent) photo in “Manual”. How soon I had forgotten that my phone has “RAW capability” – and I have no idea what that means! (I have a feeling I may dabble in photo-editing in this process.) Also, I read online that this phone can take cool photos that warp light and do stop motion, and I have not successfully taken a photo like that yet. So – I know I have a long ways to go on finding out what this phone is capable of!
Lighting & Angles – I want to learn more about how these affect the picture. I want to learn more about creating mood, or a story – putting more purpose behind my photos, instead of just “Oh, that looks nice.”

I don’t know that I will get through all of this, but these are good places to start I think!!

TL;DR: The skill(s) I have chosen are, firstly, photography, and secondly, rock’n’roll organ. I will focus on the first one for the sake of this class. I think that using my phone will be smartest because it is easy to upload to the Internet to track my process and progress. I plan on delving into animal and nature photography, macro, lighting and angles, and using other Flickr members’ photos/tutorials/tips for inspiration.

Wish me luck!





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