What is important in life?


There is some controversy over whether this was said by John Lennon or not. Either way, I like the meaning behind the words.

(n.d.) When I was five years old… Retrieved December 3, 2015 from http://motivationalreads.com/5-years-old-mother-always-told-happiness-key-life/



One thought on “What is important in life?

  1. I remember you talking about this quote when you chose Nel Noddings as one of the educational philosophers alongside you in your journey. Happiness truly is the key to life, yet I think it is easy to get caught up in school assignments/curriculum and not focus on personal well-being enough. Thank you for sharing this message!

    Here is a reference to one of Noddings’ books about making happiness a part of how we educate children:
    Noddings, N. (2003). Happiness and education. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press.


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