Kahoot & GoNoodle

Kahoot! is a great online resource. It is a quiz-building site that can be helpful in assessing students, or even in exploring topics to see where students’ prior knowledge rests at.

GoNoodle I learned about from my peers in this class this year. I think body/brain breaks in school are crucial to developing the whole child. Students need to exert their energy throughout the day in order to be clearly focused on the learning tasks at hand.

Our class has what I would call a ‘pet’ (they call it a ‘champ’) that they want to increase through different levels, and they do this by reading about (and consequently participating in) different physical activities.

Once logging in/signing up, check out “Flow” from “Game On” in the list for several activities that can be tried to help students use physical activity to develop positive attitudes and de-stress for their class time!

(n.d.) Flow. Retrieved December 3, 2015 from https://app.gonoodle.com/channels/game-on/flow?source=explore-bottom

Josie and I did a fun activity that Donna Nikiforuk had taught us in ECS (personal communication, Fall Semester 2015), with our students at our pre-interning school, and they enjoyed doing something different and were really excited when we told them it has been proven to help students “think smarter”. That exercise is simply taking your left hand and grabbing your right ear, then taking your right hand and grabbing your left ear, and then (with your arms crossed) slowly bending down while you exhale, and then rising as you inhale. Squat repeatedly (we did 10 repetitions). I then explained to the students that when we cross our arms over like that, we are using both our left side and right side of our brain. Since both of them are working together to do this brain break task, they are more likely to be activated and useful when doing other tasks like school work.



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