12 Ways to Use Lego!

Hicks, Kristen. (June 18, 2015). 12 Unexpected Ways to Use LEGO in the Classroom. Retrieved November 9, 2015 from http://www.edudemic.com/12-ways-use-lego-classroom/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

Please follow the link I have posted, which I copied from Milissa’s blog [see here].  I have a bucket of Lego that I have been waiting to use but couldn’t think of any lessons to include them in. I have a serious love of Lego. Now I have some educational inspiration to go with my passion!

The article covers some the spatial/mathematical concepts that seemed most obvious to me (patterns/symmetry) but then takes it in a completely different direction I would not have thought of. They talk about how they can be used for city planning (I always used graph paper and a pencil, but a 3D experience would be cool and would still develop very educational geographical concepts) however I did make models of houses out of Lego which is also lots of fun and practise for drafting and working with such programs as one gets older. If I had a Lego table (entire space filled with base plates that bricks can be stuck onto) in my classroom we could have room to make very elaborate structures and could maybe do a similar activity to what Shayla touched on in her presentation (each person building their own part of a community)! I liked how the author thought of literacy, and using one letter on each piece and then sticking the pieces together to show that letters get stuck together in a certain order to represent a word.


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