Reflection After First Class

The KWL Chart had me reflecting on what I have learned between reading our first article, and doing the activities in class. I’d like to share what I wrote down for the “What I Learned” section:

Social media/ computer technology is part of our present everyday culture; using it in class makes social studies class more relatable to students’ realities

It only makes sense that what has become a part of our students’ lives is looked at, not ignored. However, I think it should be done in an educational way, to show that places like Facebook and Twitter can be used for more than casual chatting and picture liking! I am also a person who gets very nervous over the amount of screen time children view every day – for those who seem glued to their devices at home, it might be detrimental to have them fully immersed in it at school. So I would like to strike a healthy balance for my students, letting them know it is valued, but it does not rule the classroom – our collective minds do!


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