About Me and this Blog


My name is Taylor Harder and I am a pre-service teacher in Saskatchewan. Any teaching ideas I share will relate back to Saskatchewan curricular outcomes and aims & goals, as well as the obvious main goal of educating and enlightening young minds! I am a strong supporter of social justice and equality. I want to be a safe person for LGBT individuals. Issues on freedom of sexuality, love and identity mean a lot to me. I love teaching people of all ages (especially kids) and I also enjoy learning from people of all ages and backgrounds. I enjoy trying new things and especially making people laugh. Humour is a big motivator for me in life. I feel most calm when I am in nature or listening to 1960s rock. I own two very different but very adorable hermit crabs.

I’d like to share one of my favourite songs & music videos with you, since you’ve taken the time to make it this far to check out my page. It is very inspirational to me – the idea of breaking free from oppression (perhaps from others, from life scenarios, or from your own negative thoughts), and finding a place in which you are happy and feel you truly belong. Anyways, I will stop rambling, and let you take a peek. I hope you are able to make  personal connections somehow – use it as a metaphor for something. 🙂 Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “About Me and this Blog

  1. I love this, Taylor. I’m super excited that you are doing photography for your learning project! You will have a blast because the learning truly never stop.


  2. Taylor I’m so happy you chose to learn more thru photography. I know you’ll love it and do well. You’re a smart gal. 💞


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